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How secure is your Web Shop?

Successful hackers, who usually operate internationally, primarily exploit vulnerabilities that are relatively easy to eliminate. For example, they include the following:
  • outdated software versions and missing security updates
  • deficient or insecurely programmed Web Shops or Web applications
  • incorrectly installed applications and systems
  • use of standard system settings and passwords
  • activated unnecessary system services
  • missing or inadequate technical security concepts
  • insufficient network security or inadequate network segmentation
Check Your Web Shop.
For More Security. More Confidence. More Sales.

Internet Crime – A Real Danger

Owners of classic retail stores invest a lot of time and money in protecting their property and that of their customers. No one would ever think of not protecting his store and property and just count on the honesty of his fellow human beings or on his own good fortune.

Although the fraud and damage potential is also extremely high in the Internet, this risk remains abstract for many Web Shop operators. They hope that they are too small and uninteresting for the frequently internationally operating and extremely well-organized criminals and underestimate their automated attacks. They trust in the ultimately nonbinding promises of their technical Web Shop operator and frequently neglect even the simplest of security measures. The consequences can be very serious:
  • theft of confidential information such as credit card data, customer data or business secrets
  • data loss through unauthorized deletion
  • addition or change of Web Shop contents (prices, products, product descriptions, images etc.)
  • loss of insurance coverage because required security measures had not been taken
  • image loss with customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, banks and the public
  • Web Shop downtime caused by disconnection from the Internet to minimize or eliminate damage
  • claims for damages of customers, banks and suppliers
What would you think of a retailer who didn't know anything about the security of his store and said that “the subject was too complicated?

Check Your Web Shop.
For More Security. More Confidence. More Sales.
External PCI DSS Security Scan
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You can order PCI DSS Security Scans individually or as an Annual Package (4 scans). Due to its price advantage, we recommend that companies that must perform quarterly scans purchase an Annual Package.

Choice Number of Scans Price incl. 1 IP address Number of IP addresses Price for each additional IP address
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You own more than 50 IP addresses that shall be scanned. In this case we can make an individual offer at even more attractive conditions. Please register by sending this form, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Product Description
External PCI DSS Security Scan
We perform the external PCI DSS Security Scan for the IP addresses that you specify and check these for vulnerabilities. You can flexibly select the security scan starting times.
Provision of Scan Results
You will receive a specific scan result (compliant, incompliant) as well as a management report and a detailed technical report in the English language. The technical report documents the vulnerabilities identified and specifies possible measures to eliminate them. usd experts are available to answer any questions you may have.
Free of Charge Rescans
Should the PCI DSS Security Scan reveal relevant security vulnerabilities, which would mean that you are not PCI DSS compliant, you should eliminate those vulnerabilities as soon as possible. You may perform an unlimited number of rescans free of charge to verify whether your corrective action has been successful.
Seal of Approval and Certificate
Direkt nach erfolgreichem Nachweis Ihrer PCI DSS Compliance stellt usd Ihr Zertifikat sowie ein Prüfsiegel für Ihren Webauftritt zum Download bereit.
Directly following successful confirmation of your PCI DSS compliance, usd will issue a certificate and a seal of approval for download and use on your web site.
Opportunity to submit scan results to the acquiring bank.
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Planning Your PCI DSS Security Scans
If you would like to do so, you can now enter the IP addresses of the IT systems to be scanned. You can also supplement or change these addresses later on the usd PCI DSS Platform.
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